Cal.45 Peacemaker 4.75 inch Revolver S. Colt

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Due to the offensive weapons act we are only legally permitted to sell replicas dated up to and including the year 1869 to members of the general public. Anything dated after this can only be sold to those able to evidence that their purchase is on behalf of a film or theatre company. If eligible, please make an enquiry using the button provided.

This fabulous replica of an S. Colt 45 Peacemaker Revolver USA 1873 is made from wood and metal. The Peacemaker revolver, also known as Single Action Army (SAA), was designed by Samuel Colt in 1873 and it was manufactured with different lengths of cannon. This weapon was initially used by the US Army. However, within a few years, most of the American citizens got one of these revolvers. This weapon has recieved numerous nicknames including Frontier or Widowmaker in reference to the facility of this revolver to left widows among the wives of the time. The film industry mythified the "Peacemaker" in the westerns of the 40s and 50s, and it was associated with big screen stars like John Wayne or Gary Cooper. Also Roosevelt had one engraved with his initials and George S. Patton used two.


  • Weight: 0.96kg

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