Flintlock Blunderbuss 18th Century


Flintlock Blunderbuss 18th Century

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  • Historically Accurate
  • Official Denix Product
  • Collecting History
This is a great replica of a Flintlock Blunderbuss from the 18th Century made from wood and metal. This particular gun features ornate silver detailing on various areas making it a stand out piece ideal for cosplay or a fancy dress costume accessory. This blunderbuss, used in the eighteenth as predecessor of the shotgun, was very imprecise, but was useful in the approaches, during the naval battles, where the combat was at short distance. In addition, these weapons were used for a single shot, since their recharge method was very slow and there was not time available to recharge it. Therefore the fighters after firing were forced to draw their sabers or swords or to use the pistol as a bludgeon, since the circumstances did not allow to recharge it in time.


  • Height: 39.5 cm
  • Width: 6 cm
  • Depth: 14 cm
  • Material: wood, zamec
  • Weight: 0.62kg

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