Battle Axe, France 15Th. C.


Battle Axe, France 15Th. C.

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  • Historically Accurate
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This is a replica of a Battle Axe from France in the 15th Century, it has been made from wood and metal. This is a battle axe of the French Infantry, it was a shorter weapon which used to have a wooden handle while the armed head was formed by a vertical blade and an axde blade. The battle axes of the 16th century were the military version of the traditional axes of a lumberjack. However, the military versions were lighter in order to be able to wield them with greater ease and with a sharper blade for greater effectiveness. During that period of time, it was one of the most powerful and effective cutting weapons of that period.


  • Colour: brown, silver
  • Material: metal, wood
  • Weight: 0.93kg

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